Tower Building

Tower Building
To build a taller tower, you need to tap on the screen at the right time to make the tower higher.

The game "Tower Building" challenges you to construct tall and sturdy towers. In this game, you start with a base or a fixed cube in the middle of the screen, and cubes continuously enter the screen from the sides. Your goal is to build taller towers by placing cubes on top of the main cube.

To achieve a tall and stable tower, you must tap the screen at the right time to precisely place the cubes that are passing over each other onto the bottom cube.

The speed of the cubes entering the screen increases over time, and the color of the cubes changes according to your performance.


In the game "Tower Building," the skill of reaction speed is highly important. When a cube reaches the base, you must react quickly to stop it. you must use attention and focus to place the cubes on the base so that high-quality towers are constructed. Having a suitable strategy for placing cubes and building towers can significantly impact your progress and success in the game.

Proper timing is necessary to be ready to place a cube when it reaches the base. By Space Management, you can construct taller and more stable towers and improve your performance in the game "Tower Building."