Rabbit Runner

Rabbit Runner
By eating carrots, you gain more speed while simultaneously avoiding collision with blade chicks!

In the game "Rabbit Runner," you play as a rabbit trying to escape from a terrifying wolf. Your main objective in this game is to flee from the wolf, so you must make precise and timely jumps by tapping on the screen to eat carrots and increase your speed. Additionally, by jumping over blade chicks positioned along the path, you prevent your speed from decreasing, thus avoiding the wolf catching up to you.

As time passes, the game's speed continuously increases, making it more thrilling and challenging for the player. With the acceleration of the game, you must react even faster to evade the wolf and achieve higher scores.


In this game, by tapping on the screen at the right time, you make the rabbit jump to escape from the wolf. Your reaction speed determines the level of success and progress in the game. Accurately identifying the blade chicks and carrots along the game path is of paramount importance. To reach higher levels and earn more points, you must carefully timing your jumps. Attention and Focus are required to overcome more complex levels and earn higher scores.