Memory Card

Memory Card
Match the identical cards together!

The "Memory Card Game" is a game of memory and skill, consisting of 8 pairs of cards with different shapes. The main objective of this game is to match all the identical cards together. By flipping two cards among the face-down cards placed on the board, you need to find the matching pairs and match them together. If the cards match, both images are displayed, and points are added to the player. However, if the cards do not match, they are flipped back, and the game continues.

The strategy in this game mainly relies on strong memory and the ability to observe patterns. You must remember the cards that have been previously flipped over, as flipping over a duplicate card without matching it with its identical pair will result in losing points.


This game relies on strong memory skills. You need to remember the cards that have been previously flipped over to be able to open them at the right time. For playing the Memory Card Game, high focus is essential for recognizing various patterns and remembering the positions of cards. These patterns may include color sequences or different shapes that need to be identified. Considering the rules of the game and how cards are selected, you need to choose the appropriate strategy. This includes selecting cards that increase your score and also choosing patterns that lead to matches quickly.