Color Collision

Color Collision
You have to match the circles together!

In the game "Colorful Collision" you are presented with two main circles in the center of the screen, one colored red and the other blue. By tapping the screen, you can change the color of these main circles. Circles move from the top and bottom of the screen towards the center, and each time, they may be either red or blue. Your primary goal in this game is to coordinate the color of a circle approaching from the top or bottom with the main circle it aligns with. In other words, if the upper main circle is red and a circle descending from the top is blue, you must promptly touch the screen to match the color of the main circle with the blue circle.

As time passes, the game becomes more challenging and entertaining due to an increase in the number of circles and changes in their speed.


As the game progresses, it becomes more complex, with an increase in the number of circles and their speed. Therefore, Attention and Focus on the game and its changes are crucial. Reaction Speed in decision-making helps you determine whether to change the color of the main circles or not when a circle approaches the center. The ability to coordinate between hand and eye for selecting and touching the correct circles is of great importance. With the advancement in the game and the increase in the speed of circles, you must change your strategy promptly and think of new ways to make the right selections.